Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Love your investigator

Hey Mom,

This week was great! We worked pretty hard and got some good results. The weather has turned from cold to colder with a wind chill. I still like riding my bike but I'm starting to feel worn out by it. It’s uphill everywhere and the cold gets to your face and ears like crazy.

We have an investigator with a baptismal date and she is progressing. We just haven't been able to get her to church. She doesn't have a car (as many people in Canton don't). She's great though! They talked, in the MTC about loving your investigators and wanting the best for them. She is the first person that I've been teaching and have really felt that love for. She hasn't had the best life. She is a 50 year old grandma that just wants joy and we have that joy for her! I have to admit I cried during one of our lessons, and you know what - I'm totally OK with it!

We also have been teaching that guy that we found at the convenience store. He claims to be an Atheist but he keeps calling and asking questions that sound like he wants there to be a God. We have been meeting at the church because he's got some roommates that are not so great, which is OK with us because it’s really close to our house and we can always have a member with us!

Brock looks so awesome with his Iron Man costume!

In Ohio the State “rule” is that Trick-r-Treating is only done on the Sunday before (or the day of) between 3-5pm. Other than that there isn't supposed to be anybody out. It’s so weird, just not the same as Washington's Trick-r-Treating (Giant chicken).

This week I'm investing in some thermals. I finally bought a long john shirt and wore it, life was soooo good! I'm trying to find some pants to go along with it, but just haven't found them yet. It’s not so much that it’s cold just the wind is what gets to you here! I've attached a picture of myself at like 7:45 at night going tracting in the freezing rain! It was probably the best night I've had all week. I think I just lost my mind because the whole time that Elder Green and I were out we were just laughing.

I love you guys so much and I feel of your prayers all the time! They really help me keep going and help remind me of my purpose as a missionary. I’m going to need the support when the snow starts falling! HA HA! My companion always calls me a baby because I'm always cold! 

I put some other pictures up that I took this week hope you like them! 

Love you all and keep you all in my prayers and heart!
Elder Yukish 

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