Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Harvey! From Atheism to Baptism

Ah well I found out that I'm leaving Canton. I don’t know yet where I'm going, but I'm staying within the Zone so not too far from Canton. I am going to miss it. Elder Green who came out with me is training this transfer! It’s so crazy! First we are two greenies working together, now he's training another greenie! He is an amazing missionary! I really try to aspire to be like him. He's very humble and when I tell him he's great he just always says "well it's because you helped me be that way." I don’t feel like I did anything but I'm glad to have served with him.

The weather is not too bad here.  It actually got to 70 yesterday. It’s ridiculous! But there are suppose to be snow flurries tomorrow and then it’s going to be cold. I'm so excited because I got my driving card yesterday!!! I'm being transferred to a car area so I will be able to find some warmth as I go into the snow this year! Haha. But I am going to miss Canton. I had a really amazing thing happen with an investigator last night.

Harvey, a man that we met while tracting, we had an appointment with him last night. We talked with him about his concerns and helped him understand the rest of the Plan of Salvation. He came to church this week and really loved it and committed to come every week! When we first met this guy he claimed to be an atheist and had never gone to church before in his life. His ex-wife was catholic and he just didn't agree with the way they believed. He felt like he was searching for something but just didn't realize it until we met him.

He says he still doesn't know what he's looking for, but he feels that what we teach him and that we come over feels good. Well last night we set a baptismal date with him!! He's ready to be baptized! He is still lost on a lot of things, but he feels good about it!  We just keep making sure that the feelings that he feels are the Spirit and that it’s all for a reason. He prayed and said he stumbled through it, and he committed to keep doing it. He said that he also missed a day of praying and felt bad for not doing it! Haha! I was just like Harvey! You got it You have the feelings of the Spirit.  Keep doing it! I have never felt so happy in my life. The promise is true that the Gospel is the way to pure joy! I'm sad to be leaving him, but the hands of Elder Green are good and pure and I know he'll do well!

I Love being a missionary. It continues to be the toughest thing I've ever done but man, the rewards that follow the tough times... Make it all worth it!

I was reading in Enos today. I would invite everyone to read it and follow his example and pray to Heavenly Father and ask for the help and strength to carry on! Life is good! The work of the Lord will carry on! He will provide a way for us in this life! I know that He cares for each and every one of us! He knows us and knows what we need! I love the Lord. In Him my soul delighteth!

I love you Mom! I will probably have time on Thanksgiving to email again since it is our actual
p-day, and its all day, so I will let you know where I am then. And I also forgot my camera and I have some fun picture to give you, so I’ll do that too!

Elder Yukish

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