Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ward Members are helping a lot!

Oh Mom! That’s fantastic to hear! I'm so glad that prayers were answered for you and as well as for me too. I'm really excited to hear that this experience can draw you close to the Lord!

I have been having a fantastic week this week! We didn't get quite as many lessons in but the quality of the lessons have gone up tremendously! We have had so much success with working with members and being able to bring people over to investigators houses and have them make a strong connection with them. I didn't realize before when I went out with the missionaries before how vital it was for them. I feel bad that I didn’t have more chances to go before but I'm so going to help when I get back!

We got in contact with this part member family this week. The Dad has been less active since he was a teenager. The Mom just had a miscarriage and is totally ready to listen to the Gospel right now! The missionaries have tried before and with no luck but this time her heart was soften and she was ready to listen! The Dad has also started to feel a need to be back at church. It really is a answer to lots of prays and lost of hard work we put in this week.

I swear my head has hit the pillow harder than it has anytime before in my life this week. The weather has been perfect! It’s sunny and warm but not too warm. I have been in a crazy exercise mood this week and have actually dropped about 5 pounds. I feel good and pretty in tune with the spirit! This is the last week before transfers and it flew by. I'm actually dreading transfers because I might be transferred.

I really have mixed emotions about it. On the one hand I came into this area after it was dead. We opened it and now we are really seeing success. There are a lot of things going on and solid people that were teaching. On the other hand its getting in to winter and not having a car is going to be stinky. So I'm definitely leaning more towards staying but I’ve been here for 2 transfers and that’s usually about how long we stay in an area so I don’t know.   We’ll se what happens

There is one missionary that is in Massillon which is the next area over in our district that is going home this next week and is just checked out! He’s so trunky. They took away his driving privileges and also his companion just lost his too so they are just getting nothing done. Its kind of sad because he's going to look on this week and probably feel bad that he left on such a low note. He's been a DL and a ZL and is one of the greatest missionaries I know but just is ready to go home. If I start getting like that at the end of my mission I hope someone slaps me.
Oh yeah so they don’t have my driving record.. So could you send that in for me this week? I asked them about it and they said they didn’t get them. I don’t know what happened to them but I'm making sure they get them, and all my stuff, now.

Well I hope you have a great week and I love you guys lots! Send me pictures! Journey wrote me and said that Brock has gotten taller and thinner! He's going to be all grown up when I get home!

Elder Yukish

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