Sunday, August 29, 2010

Email: August 24, 2010

Hey Mommy!

This week has been a lot better! My comp and I are really getting along, but it’s work. We have really improved our teaching skills and teaching by the Spirit. Our investigator from last Monday we had again yesterday as a progressing investigator and we taught him the second lesson. After he gave us feedback because it’s the last time we'll meet with him, and he said this time we were so much more confident and able to feel the spirit in the lesson. I was really glad to hear that because I felt like we've been working hard and improving.
I got a package in the mail from The Hansen’s! It was really nice that they would send me that! It had pictures in it and a letter and some food. I got it yesterday and in the letter she was talking about Tod and that he got in an accident but was pretty vague so I got really worried yesterday and didn't know what to think. But your email makes me less worried now that I know the story and that he’s not crippled, which is what I thought she was talking about, and that he is going to survive. I keep him as well as you and Brock and Pamela in my prayers.

I’m leaving on the 31st which is a week from today at 4 am then I’m in OHIO!!! Time is flying by! It feels like yesterday that I got here. I’m so excited and ready to get out to the field.
Feel free to write me too or just send me typed letters in the mail so that I can read them during the week and have the full time to respond on email back. I will also be sending written letters home too because I like to.
I love you so much mom! Oh I’m sending a letter home today also. When we’re at the airport we are allowed to call home so I might if I can, but it will be pretty early. So maybe be expecting one on Tuesday the 31st! Ok I’m going to get some laundry done now that I’m out of time! I love you! I can’t wait till I can be home again! I’m going to work hard every day until I get home so that it flies by!

Love Elder Yukish

Sunday Letter

Regular mail written: Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ok, so I’m sitting in a fireside here on Sunday night. We’re listening to Robert D. Allen who is the Director of the Mission Department. We are talking about the different stages of an experience. The first one is the “honeymoon” phase. He asked us to think of who in our District is still in the “honeymoon phase”, and the whole District looked over at me. I just laughed because I guess they all think I’m really happy which I guess I am!! I didn’t think about it really, I just figured my attitude was happy because there is no reason to be in a bad mood here!!
I’m loving it here! I feel really accomplished. My companion and I are really getting along. We are starting to click in our teaching. Tomorrow – Monday the 23rd we have 3 lessons to teach to the mock investigators. We have to, or rather get the opportunity to, teach lesson 1, lesson 2, and go in and meet a new investigator. Depending on the needs of that persona and how the Spirit directs will determine what lesson we will teach. I feel confident that we will do well.
So, I woke up this morning to the realization that I only had 8 days left. It’s flying by. Scott Shuman leaves for Argentina early in the morning. I’m so happy for him. I have a couple of pictures of him and I in our suits. I can’t wait to have that day where I can have my bags packed and get to work in the field!

I got my travel itinerary. I have to be ready at 4am Tuesday the 31st. We have a flight from here to Detroit from 7am to 12:30, and then we change planes and fly from 1:30 to 2:30. Then I’m home for the rest on these two years!
Well, I figure you probably won’t have time to respond to this letter until I’m in the field, so I will write you an email on P-day. I love you so much!

If I forgot to tell you, I can call you from the airport before I get on the plane, so maybe be ready for a phone call early Tuesday morning!
Love, Elder Yukish

One week in the MTC - P-Day Tuesday

Email: Aug 17, 2010

MOMMMMYYYYY!!!!!! I’m so excited to talk to you again!!! Today is P-day Tuesday... I don’t have much time, I’m in the laundry room. I sent a letter home talking more about what’s been happening these last few days. I’m having a good time. It’s really tough but I’m learning. My first comp is Elder Sogla and I saw Scott here. I’ll write more emails next week as well as mail. I love you so much! Oh and I’m getting to the field on the 31st!!

Love Elder Yukish

Email: Aug 17, 2010

Oh so I had more time than I thought to write an email. So let me tell you about what it’s like here! I'm in a room with 4 elders and we’re going to the same mission! So it’s cool to start a bond here before we go. The food is ok but we have to be careful to eat only a little bit because it’s all you can eat. I think I've actually lost a couple of pounds since I got here because I feel like my suit is fitting better! Haha.

I love my classes so much! The teachers are soo awesome! The first few days went by soo slow but since Sunday they’re flying by! Thats what everyone was telling me that after Sunday it just flies. We had our first teaching experience with a mock investigator. They have classes where you actually go into a room that looks like a house and teach a member of the church that’s a volunteer that is pretending to be an investigator. Elder Sogla and I did ok but it was rough. The guy kept trying to get us off topic and we kept not knowing what to say. It was defiantly a learning experience. I loved it cuz it really opened my eyes to what I’m supposed to do.

It’s been hard trying to get along with my companion he's a lot different than me and it’s hard to adjust to him, but I’m praying a lot and though the spirit I’ve learned a bit more of how to cope.

I only have two minutes left but I just really want to say I love you soooo much I think about you guys every day I’m not home sick yet because I haven't had time to be. Haha, but I really miss you. In my mail home I sent my memory card with some pics of me, my companion and my roommates for you.
I wouldn't mind if you sent me some ABBA ZABBA bars Haha, but it’s ok if you don’t!

Oh and you can write me emails through the Dear Elder website. They actually come to my room instead of me having to wait till P-day to read them they come the day you send them ill still have P-day to write but the Dear Elder I can get any day

Ok, I’ve got to go. Love you so much


Let the MTC begin

Regular mail written: August 15, 2010

Dear Mom & Tod,

Ahh, this is rough! Haha! I didn’t know it was going to be like boot camp! But, it’s not really that bad. I feel like I have been on the move all day every day! We are up at 6:30, out the door by 7, and we don’t see our beds again until 9:30.

I have my first companion. His name is Elder Sogla. He’s ok. I have been praying a lot to get along with him. He’s interesting. He was called as the senior companion first. I was a little upset about it because I felt like he wasn’t ready to be it, and he even said before he got called that he doesn’t want to be called to any position. But, as I prayed about it more I realized that I am a natural leader and can let myself be a little proud about it, so I feel that this is an opportunity for me to be humble. Also, the Spirit told me that he needs me more than I realize. He has never been in the position of leadership and doesn’t know how. Also he needs me to be helping him by building him up and helping him gain confidence. It has been tough to find out the best way to help him, but the Spirit is helping me.

The MTC is pretty cool as I’m sure you know Tod. It’s amazing to see all the white shirts that are flooding the hallways. It’s also amazing to sit in lunch or in a fireside and see all the suit coats. The classes are amazing!! I thought I knew the gospel before, but now I know it even better even after only being here 4 ½ days. We are with 2 teachers every day. The first teacher we have for 4 hours and the other teacher for 5.

We have a thing called MDT which is a time for 5 hours a day split up into 3 parts. 1 hour in the morning, 1 after lunch, and 3 at night. During this time we work as a District or just as companions on teaching the lessons and learning the best way to teach. We all take turns teaching as a District and also being the investigators. It’s cool to have the responsibility to direct ourselves. I really like the district I’m in. Our Branch is 30 and we are in District F.
It’s amazing how many friends I’ve made just through my Branch. There are elders all over here I’ve met and made friends with!! Oh, and I found Scott – or Elder Shumann!! Haha! We share all the same meal times, and he’s in the bottom of the building that I live in.

I finally have had time to write and it’s nice t be able to. I haven’t had time enough to feel home sick, but I miss you guys so much! I’m going to put my camera memory card in here too, and just share some of the pictures I’ve taken. If you could send it back, I’ll send you the next one after I put some more pics on it.

Also, if you could send me a couple of Abba Zabba candy bars I would not be upset. :-) I love you guys and can’t wait to hear from you again.

With lot’s of love, Elder Yukish
Oh, p.s. I need pens, Oh, and I’m leaving the MTC the 31st of August. I didn’t know if you knew that.

August 11, 2010 - Elder Yukish enters the MTC

It was one of the sweetest most beautiful days ever for our family.  The sun was shining, the feeling was peaceful and the mood was somewhere between nervous and excited. We had a picnic lunch together on the lawn, and then at 1:30pm we drove Jordan to the MTC.   

There was a quiet reverence about the MTC .  For me it was as if angels were rejoicing, and ancestors were cheering as Jordan entered into the Lord's training center for missionaries.  I could not be more proud of my son, and I'm amazed by his courage and obedience.  He will have a wonderful mission!