Sunday, August 29, 2010

One week in the MTC - P-Day Tuesday

Email: Aug 17, 2010

MOMMMMYYYYY!!!!!! I’m so excited to talk to you again!!! Today is P-day Tuesday... I don’t have much time, I’m in the laundry room. I sent a letter home talking more about what’s been happening these last few days. I’m having a good time. It’s really tough but I’m learning. My first comp is Elder Sogla and I saw Scott here. I’ll write more emails next week as well as mail. I love you so much! Oh and I’m getting to the field on the 31st!!

Love Elder Yukish

Email: Aug 17, 2010

Oh so I had more time than I thought to write an email. So let me tell you about what it’s like here! I'm in a room with 4 elders and we’re going to the same mission! So it’s cool to start a bond here before we go. The food is ok but we have to be careful to eat only a little bit because it’s all you can eat. I think I've actually lost a couple of pounds since I got here because I feel like my suit is fitting better! Haha.

I love my classes so much! The teachers are soo awesome! The first few days went by soo slow but since Sunday they’re flying by! Thats what everyone was telling me that after Sunday it just flies. We had our first teaching experience with a mock investigator. They have classes where you actually go into a room that looks like a house and teach a member of the church that’s a volunteer that is pretending to be an investigator. Elder Sogla and I did ok but it was rough. The guy kept trying to get us off topic and we kept not knowing what to say. It was defiantly a learning experience. I loved it cuz it really opened my eyes to what I’m supposed to do.

It’s been hard trying to get along with my companion he's a lot different than me and it’s hard to adjust to him, but I’m praying a lot and though the spirit I’ve learned a bit more of how to cope.

I only have two minutes left but I just really want to say I love you soooo much I think about you guys every day I’m not home sick yet because I haven't had time to be. Haha, but I really miss you. In my mail home I sent my memory card with some pics of me, my companion and my roommates for you.
I wouldn't mind if you sent me some ABBA ZABBA bars Haha, but it’s ok if you don’t!

Oh and you can write me emails through the Dear Elder website. They actually come to my room instead of me having to wait till P-day to read them they come the day you send them ill still have P-day to write but the Dear Elder I can get any day

Ok, I’ve got to go. Love you so much


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