Sunday, August 29, 2010

Email: August 24, 2010

Hey Mommy!

This week has been a lot better! My comp and I are really getting along, but it’s work. We have really improved our teaching skills and teaching by the Spirit. Our investigator from last Monday we had again yesterday as a progressing investigator and we taught him the second lesson. After he gave us feedback because it’s the last time we'll meet with him, and he said this time we were so much more confident and able to feel the spirit in the lesson. I was really glad to hear that because I felt like we've been working hard and improving.
I got a package in the mail from The Hansen’s! It was really nice that they would send me that! It had pictures in it and a letter and some food. I got it yesterday and in the letter she was talking about Tod and that he got in an accident but was pretty vague so I got really worried yesterday and didn't know what to think. But your email makes me less worried now that I know the story and that he’s not crippled, which is what I thought she was talking about, and that he is going to survive. I keep him as well as you and Brock and Pamela in my prayers.

I’m leaving on the 31st which is a week from today at 4 am then I’m in OHIO!!! Time is flying by! It feels like yesterday that I got here. I’m so excited and ready to get out to the field.
Feel free to write me too or just send me typed letters in the mail so that I can read them during the week and have the full time to respond on email back. I will also be sending written letters home too because I like to.
I love you so much mom! Oh I’m sending a letter home today also. When we’re at the airport we are allowed to call home so I might if I can, but it will be pretty early. So maybe be expecting one on Tuesday the 31st! Ok I’m going to get some laundry done now that I’m out of time! I love you! I can’t wait till I can be home again! I’m going to work hard every day until I get home so that it flies by!

Love Elder Yukish

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  1. Good to hear he is doing so well. Seems like he is the most cheerful one of the bunch. :) I love all the pictures!!