Wednesday, September 8, 2010

MTC Ending

Letter sent regular mail: August 27, 2010

Dear Mom and Tod,

So, I’ve reached the end of my MTC experience! Finally!! No, just kidding. I’ve loved it here! The food is awesome, the people are awesome. I feel so much more confident than I did at the beginning. I finally feel ready to go to work.

It has still been hard to get along with a companion, but I’m working hard on patience. I will be very excited to meet my first real companion. I really hope he’s a hard worker. I really have been praying for a companion to help me.

This will be the last letter I send home from the MTC! I feel like it flew by so fast. If my mission actually goes this fast I’ll be home in no time.

Thank you so much for the cupcakes and the Abba Zabbas. I was able to share them with my District and my roommates. I was surprised at how few people liked the Abba Zabbas. I thought it was joyous for everyone, but I was wrong. Haha!

My companion is the other big guy in the pictures. It is nice to have another big guy in my District, but I wish I had a small companion so I could follow his eating habits.
What is Pamela’s address so I can write her?

I’m glad to hear Tod’s doing good. I love the pictures you sent me. I’m making a box for my scriptures and I’m putting family pictures on them and those will work perfectly!

Also, thanks for the pens. They are awesome and write so softly. I bought a pocket protector because it seems that leaking pens in the pocket is a big problem here. It may be nerdy, but I’m the only one in the District that hasn’t had a pen leak in their pocket!

Well, I’m going to bed. I love you all so much. I feel your love all the time. I keep you all in my prayers. I can’t wait to see everyone again!

Love, Elder Yukish (Your Son – Best one ever) :-)

OH MY GOSH!!  I almost forgot to mention.  On Tuesday night for our devotional we had Jeffrey Holland!! He came to yell at us and tell us how much he loves us!  He talked about not giving up!  How better we can feel the Spirit and things that missionaries need to improve on.  His three things that we need to improve on is 1) Studying as companions 2) Planning and 3) Teaching with POWER and AUTHORITY which I'm sure makes some sense to you, but it really strikes home with me and my goals of improvement.
So anyway, that's how it's been going with me.  I love you and I'll write you when I'm in Cleveland.  Tell me when you are going back to Arizona so I can change where I send mail.

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