Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Elder Yukish's first week - Canton, OH

Ok so today is Wednesday the 8th. We didn’t get a chance to email on Monday because it was Labor Day and the library was closed.

My first week is going great! Had a lot of things happen.

The first day we went to Kirtland and got to kneel in the School of the Prophets and pray to Heavenly Father to commit to what type of missionary we will be. Man I tell you that was so amazing. We got to go on a private tour with this guy that is like THE Church Historian of Kirtland.

We got to sit in the Revelation Room and talk about how great our call is. I was asked to share my feelings on what was going on in that room. I said that the veil was so thin in that room. I felt like Joseph himself was walking around and touching each one of us, promising us that if we work we will be blessed, and that he blessed us with his own personal protection. It was amazing.

My first companion is Elder Saunders. He's a pretty cool guy, really quiet but has a good spirit about him. The area I'm serving in is the Downtown Canton area. It.... is the ghetto.. Haha! But it’s not all bad. The first day I was with my companion we went tracking. The 3rd door we knocked on was a golden investigator. We talked to him on his front porch and just got to know him. He had a kid die at 6 years old about 6 years ago. He was a Catholic but lost all faith after his kid died. He is now looking for a church to go back to and trying to find his faith in God. We taught him on Friday night. It went amazing! The Spirit was there so strong. We asked him to pray at the end and in his prayer he said how thankful he was for the missionaries to be at his house and he knew we were answers to his prayers. We have another lesson with him tomorrow and we're (or rather I) am going to commit him to baptism.

I’m not as nervous as I thought I would be. It’s really easy when you have the Spirit.

I’m in a biking area, and there are a lot of hills. The first few days I sweated though my shirts. Mom I had to buy a few more. That’s where the Sears money came from. I’m starting to get used to it though. Once it’s your only mode of transportation you work hard to move fast. I love how much more energy I have now. I almost got mugged already but it’s all good. We parked our bikes in a bad spot and this guy said he wanted our bikes and he'd give us $50 for them. We said no and started to ride off. He yelled at us and told us he was going to come after us and he started to get in his car but we were long gone. No biggie.

Mom I don’t know when you’re going to be back to AZ but if you could send me my blanket that would be awesome. I have an address but it’s not going to still be valid in a week because we're moving to a bigger apartment. We live with the zone leaders in a two bedroom apartment that should only fit two people but there's four of us. Haha. So it’s pretty cramped. But the new place is awesome. Dad I figured I could use some protein powder since I'm working my legs like crazy. I really love that stuff in the purple label, and the chocolate kind :) I’m excited to hear that Zach is having fun at football and that Ben is working on his physical fitness. Have him try to ride a bike 15 miles a day Haha that will get him into shape like it is me too!

Oh Mom do you remember that video of the Ohio clean up thing after the storm? If you can find it watch it and look for elder Thornton. He's my zone leader. He's an awesome guy.
How are the Hawkins?

How's all the rest of the family? Yukish side and Mitchell side?

Oh Kina your friend that I met is in my ward! She's awesome! So funny and made me feel so welcome to the ward! She told me that you two were quite the pair in high school!

Grandpa and Grandma, thanks for that scripture it was so awesome! I've really grown to love my scriptures and the stories and lessons you can learn from them. Getting 2 hours every morning to study is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
One scripture I’ve been focusing on these past few days is 2 Nephi 31. I'd like to invite everyone to read it for FHE. It is the example of Jesus Christ and being Baptized. We are really trying to teach our investigators this. Will you commit to reading that for me? Haha pun!

I have been keeping a journal almost every day. I love it. Helps me so much in growing my testimony and remembering the good things throughout the day.

Tod I hope your healing well. Don’t be lazy.. Haha. I tell you what, I so have a strong testimony of hard work. There are Elders here that just don’t know how to work hard. I’m glad you taught me that even though I probably didn’t show it before, but I’m so glad I know how to work now.

My bike is the coolest bike I’ve ever seen. It’s a Trek 4300. It’s so comfortable and really nice. It’s got low, middle, and high gears and then it’s got 8 speeds. It’s nice because I don’t have to be one of those big guys walking my bike up the hills. It’s going to stink in the winter but it'll be ok.

I'm excited to hear that there's a blog up to keep everyone updated.

I send everyone my love! I’m so thankful for everyone’s support. I feel that love walking along with me as I walk down the streets of Downtown Canton. I don’t know how I could do this by myself.

I will write with my address next week but feel free to send things to the mission home through Postal Service. They will be able to forward that to me wherever I am.

I Love you all so much!
Love Elder Yukish

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