Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday, 3/21/11

We'll I'm doing fantastic. I heard from Darrin Harvard. He's doing just fine. Said that he got made a Senior companion on his 7 and 1/3 transfer. They sent a ton of the missionaries serving in Northern Japan down to his mission. I also heard from Scott Shuman. He's doing really great. Loving the area he's in. He says it’s so hot there. 

I don't have much to say this week. We had a really amazing training meeting Thursday - Friday. It was all the zone leaders, district leaders, assistants and the President in one room. We were having such good discussions on how to be better leaders in the mission. I really felt the spirit there. So many answers came to me about how to improve the area I get to serve in and how I can better lead the missionaries in the district. It really boosted my spirit on the work that we can do. 

Elder Stone and I had a meeting with the Bishop on Sunday to see what we could better do to help him. It went really well. (pride alert) Bishop said we were some of the best missionaries that have served in this area. Now I'm not letting that go to me head. Neither should anyone else. All we are doing is working hard and being obedient. It’s not my way but the Lords way. With out His help we would be nothing. Now more than ever I realize that. 

I'm so grateful to be in the Ohio Cleveland Mission. I'm glad it’s starting to get warm out. The sun it’s what makes ya smile! 

Love you so much!
Elder Yukish 

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