Monday, March 14, 2011

February 28, 2011

WOW!! What an amazing week! It sounds like every one had a pretty decent week too! Elder Dillard Congrats on your mission call! That's very exciting to hear that you’re going where Grandpa went. It’s going to be cold as the dickens but it will be amazing! I thought that Ohio was cold but man -22. Shoot! That's cold!

I was so glad that it seemed like a pretty decent week! Things around here are going fantastic too! Last night was crazy! I was up almost all night! There was a really crazy storm. It started raining about 10:15 and its still raining! At about 2:30 I woke up and was having a conversation in my sleep with my companion. He was sleep talking to me and I was sleep talking to him! It was hilarious. From what I heard we were role playing how to extend an invitation about reading the Book of Mormon. I woke up and had no clue what was going on then I realized and just started laughing! I went back to sleep and about an hour later I woke up to the sound of thunder! I was half awake for about a half hour when I saw a huge flash out our window and then instantly there was a huge CRACK noise! It was so loud that it shook out tiny little apartment like jello! I was so awake after that. My companion woke up with a startle and asked what was going on. It was an awesome experience!

So this week we have been working our buns off! It’s been so rewarding. We had kind of had 1 investigator at the beginning of the transfer. Now we have 8 very solid potentials. A bunch of family's with on person that is a member that we have been working with this week. We also have a really cool guy that we’re working with. He's good friends with Stacey Miles. You probably have no clue who that is. So you should YouTube his video. He's in our ward. He used to play for the Seahawks. Really great guy. We are seeing some really great success.

We had an amazing Zone Conference this week. We were taught an awesome principle. That is "The Blessing of Obedience is Obedience". That was such a weird concept for me to grasp. I had an amazing experience on Thursday night driving home. It came to me all at once. I totally understood what it meant. We, especially my generation, are so focused on the instant gratification part of life. Microwaves, super computers, TV, plastic money. All of these things are expected by us now.

When thinking about being obedient you expect great blessings to come on top of that. It really doesn't work that way. "We have been blessed with the skills and talents necessary to fulfill our calling... These [things] are predicated on obedience." We don't receive more blessings by doing what were supposed to we get to act on what we're already given if we are obedient. Now don't think I'm some great scalar or anything of that nature, I simply acted on faith and asked to know what it meant and it came to me. The Lord showed me tender mercies by showing me new knowledge. It really is by His hand that all things are possible. It’s amazing what you can learn from your Mission President!

Well thank you all for writing me and I always can’t wait to hear from you next week. I'll be sending some letters out via snail mail this week too. I just feel like I’m in the writing mood.
Love you all so very very much and pray for your strength and safety in all that you face.

Love Elder Yukish

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