Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Companion -Elder Green

Hey Mom!

So this week has been great! I actually found out I'm staying here in the downtown Canton area. I only have a few minutes to write tonight because we've been moving all day and we've got to get back to work. I have a great new companion. His name is Elder Green. He was in our district last transfer and they just moved him to my area. He and I came out at the same time so we are two greenies working together. I guess that’s pretty rare. It’s awesome though he's a hard worker and is so up for riding bikes as much as me. We talked to the AP's and asked them how often greenies get put together and they said never. I was pretty blown back by that. It made me realize how much trust was put in our companionship. I love Elder Green he's a great missionary. This will be a great transfer with a lot of growth.

 I have moved to a new place and am supper excited about it!
The house is:
 3013 Treeside St NW
 Canton OH 44709

I was hoping that I could ask you to send me some music. I would like any church music you can find, borrow some from someone and copy or whatever you can. The only "rules" on the music is that it has to be a hymn if it’s not sung by MOTAB, and anything that MOTAB sings is allowed! So if you could find good stuff or if you have got good stuff lying around send it to me! It really helps the missionary day go by and the helps break up the monotonies!

The one CD that I REALLY want is by "Lower Lights" I'll attach a picture of the CD case so you can look for it.

I gotta run! Duty calls!
Elder Yukish

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