Monday, December 6, 2010

Letter to Grandpa and Grandma Mitchell


I was going to write you guys a letter today and send it to you in the mail! I think I still will but I'm here on the computer right now so I'd just like to tell you how things are going!

I am just falling in love with teaching. I have seen some serious miracles come before my eyes these last few weeks! I moved to a new place! I'm in Barberton now. I got a new companion, but he's still from Idaho... Haha! Love giving them a hard time just because they are all funny about their state!

We have had some amazing investigators come out of the woodworks. When I got here there were only two investigators. Now we have like 10 and 8 baptismal dates! People just keep calling us and saying hey we want to join your church can you come teach us! It’s amazing! We've also been getting calls from less active members of the church that want us to come over and we had a few of them come to church again! I’ts just amazing how the Lord can work so many miracles!

The snow is coming down like crazy It dropped about 6-8 inches last night! It’s so beautiful out! Like a big white blanket covering everything! I’ts cold but its ok because I’m in a car! Haha

Well I hope you guys have a blessed week and be looking for my letter in the mail! Its going to be the one that’s soaked in snow! Haha

Elder Yukish

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  1. Does Elder Yukish know the Hoffman family then? My son, Elder Douglas Richardson (currently serving as ZL for the Kirtland Zone) baptized Natalie when he was in the area. I know her husband and son were baptized after Doug left the area. Elder Trammell was also one of Doug's companions.