Monday, January 10, 2011

Called to be District Leader

It’s wonderful to hear from you all this week! It sounds like everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year! It’s exciting to hear that the scriptures are a big part of this New Year! That is what makes me smile! When you put forth that time and grab hold of that opportunity, the Lord will "open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive it."

It’s been another cold snowy week here in "The Ohio". Cold but warmer than ever! My companion and I have had a really good week. We are having Heavenly Father’s children thrown in front of us. We are not doing anything amazing to try and find new people to teach, they are just calling us and telling us they want to be baptized. The members of this ward are amazing! They always have someone for us to go see or teach. It really makes our job easy!

In addition to all of the wonderful people that we get to meet with each week, we have new people following the examples their friends are showing them and joining us in the lessons. The other day my companion and I went on splits with some members. It was a lot of fun! While my companion was teaching a lesson at this couples house, their roommate joined in and had a lot of really great questions. We have been over there many of times. Each time he has been sitting in the kitchen listening to our lessons but when we invite him to come listen he never wants to. The last time we went over we taught the Plan of Salvation. He was listening. We left a pamphlet on the table for them to study from. He had picked it up and read through it. When Elder Trammell was over there this last time he came and sat down and listened to the lesson and asked questions and wanted to know a lot more. So because of the change he was seeing in our investigators life, and by the great work of my companion and the member he went with, we have another Child of God ready to come back to the fold. It’s amazing. We don't understand what is going right, but we are going to continue to work hard and be worthy of the blessings.

So this last week was transfers. They white washed the other missionaries in our district/ward and put two new ones in. I really love them. One of them has been around for a long time and he has been in the same Zone as me since I got here. He's a hard worker and a really obedient missionary. He has the opportunity to train this transfer. So his companion is a greenie! He's great too. He's a Spanish speaking missionary and is very charismatic! He too is a hard working missionary. He's half Mexican and he became my best friend yesterday. He taught me how to make chicken enchiladas in like 15 minutes and really yummy and healthy. I'll attach a picture to this. They were very yummy. They also called me to be the District Leader. So this is a great district and it seems like were all going to get along very well.

So we’re having a good time here. Loving life and trying to stay warm in the 8 or less degree weather :) We have shoveled like maniacs! Its supposed to be snowing for like the next week so yeah, should be fun! Well It’s time to go to a Zone Pday and get to know everyone!

Love you till next week
Elder Yukish
"The White Rhino"

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